RedGum log splitter in Bega - guaranteed to split your wood

The RedGum GX200 log splitter is powered by the Honda GX200 engine, which carries a 3-year commercial warranty. This log splitter is the one wood log splitter you can rely on to deliver reliable, easy starting, fuel efficient performance, day in and day out.

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Be more productive. Save time and effort using RedGum GX200 log splitter

  • Powered by a Honda GX200 4 stroke engine
  • 2 year warranty RedGum Products warranty and 3 year commercial engine warranty
  • High performing 2 stage hydraulic pump
  • 4 1/2" Bore 24" Stroke Hydraulic Cylinder rated to 3000 psi
  • 6” wide flange beam with log cradle to keep the log on the beam without operator assistance
  • Wedge axe head with wedge wings and a taper to make splitting easier
  • Swing jockey wheel with foot operated safety break
  • Pneumatic tyres
  • Comes with new swing jockey wheel for ease and safety
  • Accessories include the new RedGum log splitter work table
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RedGum log splitter

"Before we found the RedGum log splitter, we had tried a number of imported log splitters and had problems with them all.
We’ve now sold over 70 RedGum log splitters since 2011 and have been super impressed with their useability, splitting power and reliability".

RedGum log splitter

  • Powered by a Honda GX200 engine
  • Splits wood in both horizontal & vertical position
  • Swing jockey wheel with foot operated brake
  • Assembled in Australia by RedGum Power equipment specialists
  • 3000psi splitting force
Redgum Gx200 log splitter


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