Glockemann water pump - a cost effective
water powered pressure pump in Bega

The Glockemann water pump is a water powered pressure pump that delivers stream water up to a storage tank. Powered only by the flowing water, it is robust and hard-wearing, and is ideal for farming, rural and remote locations where a reliable water supply is needed.

The Glockemann 320 is a gravity fed water powered pressure pump, using the inflow of water to produce energy that drives the pump without requiring any other power sources such as electricity or diesel. The pump delivers superior quality in all aspects of its design, construction and function. Find out more and visit the Glockemann pump website

Water pumping for farming and rural locations

Water pumping for farming and rural locations

The pump will function where there is a fall in the stream, from as low as 60 centimeters up to 1.8 metres in height, and a stream flow of at least four litres per second. From there it can deliver water from a flowing stream for up to 200 metres of vertical lift to a collection tank. Two or more pumps can be linked for greater output.

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Glockemann pumps do not require electricity or fuel
  • Flood-proof
  • Low maintenance
  • Environmentally safe
  • Simply driven by your stream or river
  • Noiseless
Glockemann water pump

Glockemann pumps can:
  • Work in the range of 0.5 of a metre to 1.8 of a metre fall
  • Pumps to 200 metres delivery head or tank
  • Pumps over 30,000 litres a day in some conditions
water powered pressure pump Bega
The Glockemann pump is 50 cm long, 40 cm wide, 53 cm high and weighs 52 kg when fully assembled.
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