Bega Ag stock a large range of farming products for farms in Bega - water tanks, fencing, grass seed, cattle and poultry feed, hay, fertilizer, pest control....

Anti bird nett Anti-bird netting
Anti-bird netting, black, high gram weight designed for permanent installation in 5, 10 and 20 meter widths with a 10 year pro-rata guarantee against UV light. We also stock 4.5m wide drape over net in white.
white bird netting
poly rainwater tanks Poly Water Tanks
Large range available for immediate pickup from our yard. We stock both Rapidplas and Bushmans tanks and a full range of accessories including first flush diverters, leafbeaters and filters.
For more information about Rapidplas
water tanks bega
Greenline polypipes Polypipe and pipe fittings
Greenline and Blueline polypipe from 3/4" up to 63mm in full rolls or cut lengths. We also stock a full range of Philmac and Guyco poly compression fittings to suit.
pipe fittings and equipment
cattle crush Livestock Handling Equipment
Cattle crushes, yards and all manner of livestock handling equipment.
Arrow Farmquip
and Shoof are two of our key suppliers in this area. They both have very extensive catalogues on their websites.
livestock equipment
Blending fertilizer at Bega Ag Bulk and bagged fertilizer
Pick up from our blending facility or we can organise delivery direct to farm. We can also spray-on trace elements such as molybdenum, boron and selenium through our blender.
Bulk and bagged fertilizer blending
Garden products and fertiliser Garden bulk supplies
We also stock a large range of bagged garden fertilizers, mulches & soil conditioners

sugar cane mulch

hay bega Livestock feed for cattle (finishing feeds & hay), poultry (broiler)
We carry several types of hay in both large & small bales, chaff, bagged stockfeeds including a large range of horse feeds, distillers syrup in bulk and many specialist feeds we blend to suit specific situations.
cattle feed
grass seed Many grass seed and other pasture seed and varieties
Wide range of pasture seeds suited to our soils & climate - advice, blending, inoculating & coating. We can also blend clover seed with fertiliser for spreading.
Fitzroy perennial ryegrass
farming products Bega Agricultural chemicals
All the agricultural chemicals you'd expect to find in a rural store; herbicides, insecticides, drenches and pour-ons
Animal health products
fencing bega A complete range of fencing materials and accessories
A range of plain, barbed & hingejoint wire, rabbit and poultry netting, steel, concrete, treated pine and hardwood posts and all the accessories and advice required to complete the job properly. For those tackling a fencing project for the first time we have sample fences on display so you can learn the right way to do things. We can also teach you how to break wire off in your hands so you'll look like a real expert!
Hardwood posts for fencing
electric fencing Electric fencing accessories
mains, solar and battery energisers, insulators, offsets, treadins, braid, under-gate cable, reels, testers and much more.
Electric fencing stock
Farm gates Farm gates
High quality farm gates in sizes 3' to 16' and also made to order. Plus a full range of gate fittings.
pine posts, fencing
work boots Bega Work boots
We stock a range of workwear and work boots; Blundstone, Redback, Caterpillar
Boots and workwear
Livestock tags Livestock identification & other equipment including
NLIS and normal eartags, drench guns, crushes and yards and much more.
pest control bega Pest Control
We stock a large range of pest control products for the home & farm. For ants, spiders, flies, termites and traps and baits for rats & mice.
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