Agricultural and trial work for better advice to local farms in Bega Valley

We undertake a series of trials every year to keep our knowledge of new pasture varieties up to date, test new plant species, new products such as fertilizers and herbicides and to trial different agronomic practices. We strongly believe that local knowledge, born from experience, is the best foundation for sound advice. Contact us if you need advice for your farm

Agricultural trial work bega ag Evaluating Short Rotation Ryegrass Varieties

Every year new varieties of short rotation ryegrass are released, most with very little local trial data to support their performance. Bega Ag has a policy of not selling any pasture variety that we haven't trialled next to varieties we already recommend. We learn a lot in this process and pass on the yield benefits of varieties we know will perform in the Bega Valley.


grass varieties bega valley BEST TM 21 - biological soil activator

There is a revolution in new "biological" soil amendments happening around the world. Sustainability is the catchcry. We will be depleting many mineral sources of fertilizer this century and it is very difficult to imagine modern agriculture without regular fertilizer inputs. In Europe new biological soil additives are gaining credibility for improving the efficiency of fertilizers and everywhere you turn there are now new products coming onto the market. These new products are not covered by the legislation covering fertilizers and many make quite extravagent claims with little or no supporting evidence. TM 21 is made from plant extracts & comes to us highly recommended from farmers in other areas - we currently have 5 clients participating in local trials.

pasture seeding Establishing Dryland Perennial Pastures

Average rainfall in the valley has halved in the last 15 years - 525mm now compared to 1000mm for the 50 years post war and a 100 year average of 880mm. Dryland perennial pastures have paid the price through over grazing - many have tried to maintain stock numbers in the face of ongoing drought. There has also been a history of failed establishment & persistence in newly sown dryland pastures which has been very discouraging. We have establishment trials on dryland pasture, testing new varieties & establishment methods, that have been underway for over 5 years now. We have made significant strides in this area and have a great story to share.
farming Bega Evaluating Perennial Pasture Varieties

As part of our dryland perennial program we have established a long term trial site at Frog's Hollow. The purpose is to evaluate the long term persistence of several new pasture grasses and legumes.
grazing bega ProGibb - Plant Growth Promotant for Winter Pastures

Gibberallic acid is a naturally occuring plant hormone that plays a critical role in regulating cell size. It has been used for many years to increase the size of fruit and grapes. Recently it has been found to dramatically lengthen leaves in pasture grasses during winter when the plants own production of gibberellin decreases. Responses across different species vary but we have been achieving dramatic yield increases using as little as 10 to 20grms per hectare at very low cost. It also has the advantage of being BSA certified organic.
dryland pastures Bega Seed Dressing Ryegrass & Forage Cereals

The decomposed granite soils of the Bega valley are very fragile. Cultivation breaks down soil structure which hardens the soil and decreases rainfall retention. Direct seeding without prior cultivation has been widely adopted for establishing new pastures to protect our soils. Germination can be slow and patchy sometimes however because of attack from soil pathogens. Seed dressings have been reported to produce terrific improvements in seedling vigour on ryegrass in some trials. We have started our own trials with some startling results of our own.
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