Services and Agricultural Advice for local farmers in Bega Valley

We believe it's our extra services that really add value at Bega Ag. Peter Abramowski, business owner, is an agronomist by trade and believes in maintaining a relevant knowledge base that customers can access to their advantage.

It is not just our team of agronomists charged with this task, Lyle advises many customers on poultry and other small animal nutrition, and Lyzette shares her expertise in animal health, particularly parisitology in large animals. Contact us if you need agricultural advice.

Would you like to read in depth about farming topics and agronomy? Click here to for more information about BegaAg Facts technical bulletins.

sheep worm control Bega Animal Health specialist knowledge

Getting the best out of livestock involves a knowledge of animal health - providing good feed is only half the equation. Fluke, worm, lice and fly treatment for cattle is reasonably straight forward but understanding how lifecycles interact with seasonal conditions is important to get the best results with the fewest treatments.

Sheep and goats is where things get pretty complicated and multiple drench resistance problems make this an area of specialist knowledge. Many of the Bega Valley's sheep producers take advantage of Lyzette's faecal egg count monitoring and knowledge to maintain an effective drenching program.
Soil testing Bega Valley Soil Testing

Over more than 12 years and hundreds of soil tests we have gained an intimate understanding of the issues affecting Bega Valley soils. Samples are sent to the Incitec Pivot laboratories in Victoria which test to recognised standards and are nationally accredited. Results are usually available within 2 weeks.

Our agronomists do their own interpretation of results for local conditions and make written recommendations that factor in the customers aspirations for their property.
Fertilizer blending Bega Fertilizer Blending

A number of years ago we imported an 8 tonne vertical fertilizer blender from America which allows us to custom blend multiple fertilizers very cost effectively. We take advantage of the most economical base ingredients to tailor the right fertilizer for any situation. We currently use Superfect, muriate of potash, DAP and sulphur coated urea as our base ingredients. We can outload in bulk or bulker bags.
Feed blending bega Feed Blending

Feed blending and nutrition are key skill areas in our business. We are currently installing a computer controlled, automated ribbon blender to take our feed blending facilities to the next level. Phil Pittolo, a local nutritionist, consults on feed blends for us and supports our customers with on-farm development of feeding programs. Dairy calf starter, heifer grower, beef finisher and fat lamb finisher are our 4 most popular rations. We also blend a large range of more specialist feeds for bulls, deer, goats, as well as drought & dry feed supplements.
Bega ag workshop and repair Workshop

We have a modern, well equipped workshop at Bega Ag dedicated to the maintenance and repair of not just Husqvarna but all makes and models of small engines. Mowers, chainsaws, trimmers, ride-ons, generators, pumps & firefighters. Honda, Victa, Greenfield, Toro, Briggs & Stratton and a host of other brands.
poultry bega Meat chickens - layer chickens - ducks

Every fortnight Lyle orders in a large number of meat chickens, layer chicks and ducks for pick up by customers at Bega Ag. This is a great service and Lyle provides a lot of nutrition advice to go along with the birds.

Lyle has been raising meat chickens for processing at the small animal abattoir for many years and knows most of the pitfalls. He can help with all the accessories that go with poultry such as feeders, drinkers, incubators and heat lamps.
water tanks Bega Poly Water Tanks

We carry a large range of poly water tanks in our yard and have a trailer for tank deliveries up to 27,000lt (6,000 gal). For smaller tanks, 13,500lt and under, we are happy to lend this as a courtesy trailer for your convenience.
farm delivery Bega feeds Convenient on farm delivery

Our truck and crane make deliveries of fencing materials, large hay bales and bulker bags of feed and fertilizer easy. We can deliver on-site, into self feeders in the paddock or into your shed.
pasture seed recommendations Blending and coating pasture seeds

In addition to providing advice on pasture varieties and seed mixtures, we blend, coat and bag off seed blends in preparation for seeding. We can also mix seed with fertilizer into bulker bags for spreading.
agricultural advice Bega On farm paddock inspections

We provide our best advice in the paddock. There is no substitute for being on the spot to give the best advice - please don't hesitate to ask for a farm visit to discuss a problem in your paddocks.
Monaro wool depot Wool receival depot

Monaro wools have a receivals depot for wool at Bega Ag. Local wool growers with smaller mobs of sheep can drop their wool in to Rob "Cummo" Cummins to have it classed, weighed and sold.
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