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Be smart with water and water supplies on your farm

  • Huge Labour Savings - Move 200 acres of sprinklers in under 2 hours!
  • Uniform Watering - Even with inexperienced labour.
  • Fully Water in only 6 shifts - Produce feed through summer, don't just keep paddocks green
  • No more bike shift OHS issues
bike shift irrigation bega
K Line irrigation begaK-Line irrigationKline irrigation Bega

Replacing an old bike shift system?

K Line has some serious advantages over traditional bike shift:

  • Labour savings – One of our customers shifts 200 acres of K Line in under 2 hours.
  • Water distribution – Very uniform watering and anybody can shift it.
  • Water efficiency – 25mm is applied over 6 days in six hour shifts; now you can grow grass, not just keep it green.
  • Low Cost – Only about $800 per acre for all above ground components and in most cases you’ll be able to make use of your existing mainline infrastructure. With the cost of water these days this is an upgrade you can’t afford to put off.
Design & Installation

At Bega Ag we can undertake all the design work for a new K Line system.
  • We’ll come out to your property and GPS the area to be irrigated including the pump site, existing pipe work, fences and any infrastructure.
  • We then produce a map of the area with an overlay of our recommended irrigation design.
  • We will also produce a quote for either supply or supply plus installation.
  • We do charge for design work but these cost are credited against the system cost if works proceed.
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