BegaAg Facts give you great depth of information on a variety of farming topics and agronomy in the Bega Valley

BegaAg Facts are a series of technical bulletins written by our agronomists in an easy to read format. They are designed to provide our customers with a greater depth of information on a variety of subjects and are available free in store.

The bullentins sometimes relate to issues affecting the Bega Valley specifically because of our weather, soil types or weed species. BegaAg Facts also give greater insight into some of our recommendations by providing the technical background.

Bega agronomists The first two titles; Controlling Blackberries and Controlling Bracken are available here as .pdf files to illustrate the type of information provided.

We are always looking to extend this library of articles and welcome any requests for more in depth information.
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List of titles available in store
Weed Management adobe pdf logo Controlling Blackberries
adobe pdf logo Controlling Bracken Fern
Managing African Lovegrass
Managing Fireweed

Pasture establishment Establishing Lucerne
Establishing Tall Fescue
Pature Seed & Sowing Notes
Summer Crop Options

Minimising Losses from Urea

Insect Control
Red Legged Earth Mite

Silage Inoculant
Calibrating a Boom Spray

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